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Posted - 30 Jun 2011
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     This new raspberry from Driscoll's Berry Farms has the tang of a red raspberry, with a perfume fragrance and light, refreshing taste.

     Incidentally, when you buy a package of any Driscoll's brand berries, you will find a code number on the bottom of the  package.  To find out where your berries came from, just go to the Driscoll's website and enter the code number.  You'll find out the name of the farm where they were grown, and where it is located.

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Dave Clark
Produce Buyer

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You may have seen our produce truck – if you're out early in the morning.  Dave is our produce buyer and department supervisor for both stores.

Dave is one of our original employees-one of our first hires at our inception in 1985! 

He buys direct from the San Francisco produce market and from local growers when in season, including organic farmers.

You can be assured, if the produce isn't the best, Dave won't bring it "home" to Sonoma Market and Glen Ellen Village Market!