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Posted - 11 Apr 2012
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Strawberries from Okui Farms


    On sale this week are tasty strawberries from Okui Farms in San Luis Obispo County.  They’re available in 1-lb. "cello" containers (see below), or you can pick out just the ones you want from our open display. A one-cup serving of strawberries is only 45 calories, and contains 91% of the recommended daily Allowance of Vitamin C.

    Strawberries should be refrigerated.  They keep best in a high-humidity environment, so putting them in the crisper is a good idea.  Or, as the folks at Okui Farms recommend, place them in an airtight container, one layer at a time, separating the layers with paper towels.  Also, it is best not to wash the strawberries until you’re ready to use them.

    Here’s a simple 3-step dessert with only three ingredients: a bowl of strawberries, a small bowl of sour cream, and a small bowl of brown sugar.


Step 1: Pick up a strawberry.

Step 2: Dip strawberry in sour cream.

Step 3: Roll strawberry gently in brown sugar.

Step 4 (okay, so I lied): Eat strawberry.

Repeat as needed.

    Of course, as any strawberry purist will tell you, strawberries are great all by themselves.

Why are they called "cello" strawberries?

    When a fruit or vegetable is referred to as cello (pronounced 'sell-oh', not 'chell-oh"), it means that they are packaged in a plastic wrapper or container.  This is an old produceman's term dating waaaay back to when the wrappers most commonly used in the industry were made of cellophane.



"It's cello, not cello!"


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